Snap Fastener Pliers

$ 14.44
Snap Fastener Pliers

Dritz® snap fastener pliers are used to apply functional snap fasteners to a variety of DIY sewing and repair projects such as children’s wear, blouses and shirts.

  • Use these snap fastener pliers to apply:
    • 3/8 in (9.52 mm) snaps
    • 7/16 in (1.11 cm) snaps
    • 7/16 in (1.11 cm) pearl snaps
  • Package contains:
    • 1 pair of pliers
    • 5 tools
    • 1 tool remover
    • 2 replacement inserts
    • Instruction guide
  • The metal bar shown on the pliers is for packaging purposes only. Squeeze handles together to remove. Use tool remover to keep pliers closed during storage.
  • See illustrated instruction guide on the Instructions tab for complete product usage details (English / Spanish).