Silke Polyamide Waxed Skein [TEX-23]

$ 8.50
Silke Polyamide Waxed Skein [TEX-23]

  • Sewing on buttons, hooks and eyes, and hand hemming
  • Due to the wax covering, there is no need to use bees wax or any type of thread conditioner
  • Medium weight (Size : A)
  • TEX-23
  • No need for beeswax and ironing
  • Length - 675 yards
  • Replaces silk for hand sewing
  • Soft thread
  • As the material yarn is of very fine filaments, take special care against possible rubbing and hitching accident when applying.
  • 100% Polyester
  • Z twist

Available Color : All color of the attached chart.