The founder of Shozaburo, Miura Shozaburo (1896-1982) studied the art of shears production from his early childhood. As a craftsman, he has carried on the shears production technologies first developed by Master Yakichi. In order to produce even more stable shears, machines have begun to play a greater role in the manufacturing process.

However, the final inspection is still made personally by a qualified craftsman to insure that the quality of the shears is never compromised. Miura Shozaburo dedicated his entire life to the study and manufacturing of shears, and he has greatly contributed to the popularity of Japanese shears.Today craftsman personally trained by Miura Shozaburo are still producing these fine shears. With the utmost in care, and with an unwavering devotion to the Shozaburo spirit, these craftsman produce quality shears one by one.
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Tailoring Shears - Zipper and Thread

Tailoring Shears

From $ 225.00

Hard Blade Tailoring - Zipper and Thread

Hard Blade Tailoring

From $ 290.00

Tailoring Deluxe 9.5" - Zipper and Thread

Tailoring Deluxe 9.5"

$ 310.00