RazorEdge Tabletop Cutting 9"

$ 38.00
RazorEdge Tabletop Cutting 9"

RazorEdge™ Easy Action™ Fabric Shears - 190950-1001


Ultra-sharp, high-grade, stainless steel blades on our 8” RazorEdge™ Easy Action™ Fabric Shears glide through fabric and cut all the way to the tip

Winner of the Arthritis Foundation® Ease-of-Use Commendation, its spring-action design gently opens blades after each cut to reduce hand strain

Unique, contoured handle fits the natural shape of your hand and lets you lay fabric flat for more accurate, tabletop cutting

Ideal for all-purpose, tabletop cuts through fabrics like silk, oil cloth, light leather, polyester, cotton, crepe, felt and much more