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Point Protectors
Point Protectors
Point Protectors


Point Protectors

$ 1.97

Protect the tips of needles in storage with the Clover Point Protectors. They are ideal for beginners and advanced crafters. They also make a wonderful gift and accessory for someone who loves crafts. These knitting needle protectors have a grip that prevents stitches from falling off.

Clover Point Protectors, For Sizes 6 and 10.5, 4-Pack:

  • Prevents knitted stitches from falling off
  • Great as a gift for knitting enthusiasts
  • Knitting needle point protectors material: Silcon


SMALL : For needle size  4 - 7             

LARGE : For Needle size 7 - 10 1/2

Point Protectors


Point Protectors

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