Large Eyelet Kit

$ 2.50
Large Eyelet Kit
Large Eyelet Kit

  • For belts, shower curtains, tote bags and pillows
  • Create laced effects on garments and craft projects
  • Apply to heavy paper for scrapbooking or note cards
  • Nickel
  • Contains 12 eyelets and 1 tool
  • Size: 1/4 in (6 mm)


Test on swatch of fabric. Use two layers of medium to heavy-weight fabric, reinforced with interfacing. Work on firm protected surface.

  1. Mark position of eyelet by tracing inside of eyelet on fabric, and then cut hole with scissors.
  2. Insert eyelet top (deep half) into hole from right to wrong side.
  3. On wrong side, place shallow half of eyelet over center of eyelet top.
  4. Position eyelet top on anvil, insert tool into eyelet center and hammer gently. Center of eyelet will split to secure eyelet.