Clearlon® Smoke [TEX-14]

$ 38.00
Clearlon® Smoke [TEX-14]
Clearlon® Smoke [TEX-14]

  • Translucent, blends with many colors
  • Minimizes thread changes and machine adjustments
  • Sews well on blindstitch machines
  • Available in clear (translucent)
  • Fiber Type: Nylon
  • Finishes: Soft
  • Thread Construction: Monofilament
  • Fiber Resistance to Acid- Good
  • Fiber Resistance to Alkali- Good
  • Fiber Resistance to Bleach and Solvents- Good
  • Fiber Abrasion Resistance- Excellent
  • Fiber Resistance to Heat- 142 deg C (Highest continuous temperature before breakdown)
  • Fiber Melting Point- 265 deg C
  • Anequilt® or Magic® HP are also available for quilting applications
  • A&E Coccon bobbins are availabile in a variety of sizes

Available Color : All color of the attached chart.