#3 Closed Conceal® (4"~24")

$ 0.82
#3 Closed Conceal® (4"~24")


  • Made from the finest quality plastic to ensure extra strength & reliability.
  • Not available for reversible use because the foil is attached only to one side.
  • Do not use these products for luggage or shoes / boots.
  • Please close the zipper when washing / drying.

    Available Color : All color of the attached chart.

    When Sewing:
    • Use of Sewing Machine Guide from YKK is recommended.
    • Operating force of the zipper will increase when the stitching is close to the elements.
      Be informed that breakage or puncture could take place when sewing on cloth whose thickness varies dynamically such as the overlapped cloth at the edge.
    • When sewing on cloth with rough fiber structure or cloth composed of long-coated yarns such as Mohair fiber, please avoid getting the cloth tangled into the machine by giving slightly long intervals between stitches or by other possible methods.
    • Open parts for 3 CH OR are movable for easier sewing process.