#3 Closed / Antique-Brass (4"~34")
#3 Closed / Antique-Brass (4"~34")
#3 Closed / Antique-Brass (4"~34")
$ 2.31

Excella® is the highest quality metal zipper with fully polished elements. The shiny beautiful look creates a luxury appearance to clothes or baggage. Items are available in a variety of surface colors including silver, gold, and antique finish. There are two types of element shapes, a common single type and a luxury double type.

  • Guaranteed Top Quality by YKK
  • Reasonable price than LAMPO or RIRI
  • Well Finished
  • EXCELLA® with recycled polyester tape can be offered for those who are looking for eco-conscious and luxury products.
  • Closed (Closed Bottom)

    Available Color : All color of the attached chart.